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student smartphone policy

Social networking (online via computer or phone) is a popular means of social interaction in today’s culture. ACA advises parents to use caution and to be diligent when deciding at what age and to what extent they allow their children to access these networks. There are significant risks associated with all forms of social media, so we assume you will be monitoring your own children’s use of it.

All students (including Upper School students) are not permitted to use smart phones or similar electronic devices during the school day.  Smart phones, etc. must be turned off at all times during the school day and must be placed in students’ lockers or backpacks. Smart phones, etc. may not be carried in pockets or purses.  Teachers will not excuse a student from class to make or receive phone calls except in an emergency.  If a student needs to make an outgoing call, s/he may receive permission from the school office to use the school office phone.  Parents who need to get messages to their children during the school day may call the office, and the office staff will relay the message to the student.  In case of an emergency, the office staff may take the child out of class to speak directly to the parent.

If a student uses a device during these times, s/he will lose it for two days and receive an office visit. ACA reserves the right to review all electronic data maintained on the device to determine, among other things, whether the electronic device’s owner or other students were violating school rules.  

Students are not permitted to be online while at school unless under direct, adult supervision, and then only for purposes related to a class.



The ACA administration is responsible for protecting the school and developing guidelines for the use of social networking by school employees, especially as it may pertain to students. ACA currently prohibits most faculty and student interaction on social media, though in older grades (9th – 12th), it can have many positive aspects. However, ACA has established guidelines for its staff regarding such interactions. They include the following:

Employees are not to initiate friend requests to students on any social media site, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Employees are currently not to accept friend requests from any students.

Employees are not to initiate or facilitate any private or isolated types of communication with students that might be interpreted as unprofessional, whether through email, texting, social media, or the like.

Parents are encouraged to maintain good communication with their children who regularly use social media.