A Community of Creators


If it wasn't already clear, last week's Harvest of Talents craft and bake sale revealed what a wide-ranging artistic community we have.  Thank you all for sharing your creative gifts! Handmade berets, pillows, jewelry, wall-art, cosmetics, snacks, baked goods, wreaths, and even homemade Christmas trees -- a remarkable set of skills. And not surprisingly, most of the inventory was snatched up within a quick two hours, raising a total of $1,600 toward our Augustine Campaign.

God continues to grow our school in meaningful ways like this -- through both relationships and generous giving -- and as we approach Christmas and the end of our semester, let's pray for continued provision.  To match our $30,000 grant, we must raise $12,750 in the next two weeks before December 17.  Thank you for your generous gifts so far!  Would you continue to consider who else might be interested in ACA's rich, biblical vision for education?  Our vision-film is an excellent way to bless others outside our community, and to let them know what a great work we are doing for our children.

May we never forget God's power.  He is loving, he is personally involved in each of our lives, and he will always bless us if we are faithful.