Augustine Classical Academy’s operating revenue comes from two places: tuition  and tax-deductible gifts to the school. These two sources of funds allow ACA to provide a distinctive, high-quality education unmatched in our area.  More specifically, fundraising allows ACA to keep tuition affordable, provide financial assistance to families who need it, invest in teacher development, and drive enrollment. We take seriously our commitment to affordability and tuition assistance, both of which are made possible by generous gifts to the school.




Our general fund raises the necessary funds to make up the difference between the school’s annual budget and tuition received. Gifts to the general fund are used to meet most immediate needs, and help us bolster important aspects of our school culture, including small class sizes, teacher training, facilities improvements, and competitive tuition costs.


We believe in making a classical Christian education as accessible as possible to families in Lakewood and the Denver metro area. A high-quality education is costly, and the financial burden lies primarily with parents. However, where parents and extended family are not capable of covering the complete cost, we aim to provide tuition assistance in a manner that makes this education available to anyone.


ACA is committed to maintaining low administrative costs so that the majority of our budget goes to the essential work of teaching and learning. Even so, your gift enables us to buy needed classroom supplies and invest in ongoing teacher training—essential elements of our commitment to high-quality instruction.