Please keep your child at home if he has a fever over 100 degrees or is experiencing discomfort that would interfere with his ability to perform in school. If your child has a mild, intermittent cough (e.g., can go 15 minutes without a cough), she may be considered safe to attend. However, if a child coughs consistently, this may indicate an infection which can spread on cough droplets.

CONjunctivitis (pink-eye)

Follow your doctor’s advice for returning to school.


More than two abnormally loose stools in a single day should be considered infectious and given a 24-hour waiting period. 

A child with vomiting should stay at home and return to school only after being symptom-free for 24 hours.

Ear Infections

Not considered infectious in itself, but the cold that set it up may be infectious, so make your decision according to those symptoms.

Eye Discharge

If discharge is wiped away and new discharge returns, there is probably an underlying infection which should be considered contagious.


Your child should remain at home with a fever greater than 100 degrees.  Your child can return to school after he has been fever free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medicine such as Tylenol or Motrin).