College Readiness at ACA

In upper school grades (7-12), college preparedness becomes a front-and-center goal. For most students, the question is, "Are my class grades high enough to get me into my goal college?" For many parents, the question might be, "Is my school providing appropriate and competitive curricula to allow my student to compete for a good college?" In some cases, a bright student may unfortunately be attending a school with subpar class choices, crippling his or her college prospects.

Fortunately, this is not the case for most standard classical Christian (ACCS) schools. In fact, it's the opposite.

ACA has an upper and high school curriculum that aligns itself in many ways with nationwide ACCS schools. On most standard assessment benchmarks over the past several years, such as SAT, ACT, and College Readiness, ACCS schools consistently outperform the nation. The ACCS recently released its 2017 Standardized Testing & College Admission survey, with K-12 elementary-level standardized test results, as well as college admissions tests. In ACTSAT, and PSAT scores, 72 participating ACCS schools outperformed nationwide schools generally (source graphs attached in links). Additionally, ACCS schools outperformed the nation for college readiness:

Scores - College Readiness 2017.png

ACCS schools often have limited resources and funding, similar to ACA, and yet their college admissions and readiness scores consistently show high achievement relative to national norms. In other words, ACCS schools continue to demonstrate a strategic use of limited funding and a keen understanding of the essential elements of a primary education in its preparation for college and careers. 

For more information on similar college readiness benchmarks, you can explore related SAT and ACT rubrics here. For the full 2017 ACCS Standardized Testing & College Admission survey, which ACA has submitted scores to for 2018, click here.