Recitation Harvest

Our first Recitation is coming up on Thursday morning, October 15th, and I'd like to share with you briefly why I'm eager for this special event.

Recitation is fruit.  It's a time of harvest.  Our children have been serving hard time in the classroom working information into their minds, and now they get to work it out.  They've been planting, watering, and growing seeds, and now they get to pick the fruit and hand it to you.  And what gardener hasn't felt supreme satisfaction at harvest time?  During Recitation, our children are rewarding us, but they are also rewarding themselves.

Of course, this is not their only harvest, not by a long shot.  There are many more rows to hoe, much more knowledge and wisdom to gather.  But this is still a time of celebration, and one that should not be minimized.

With this in mind, I encourage you all to come and see your children shine.  And I encourage you to spread the joy and invite extended family and friends.  This outpouring is so important for our kids.  Recently in our Twitter feed, you may have read Brian Douglas' article about how "we ought not treat education like a simple input-output situation . . . [because] focusing on order becomes hazardous when it overtakes the joy of experiencing God’s grace."  This is spot-on, and it's one of the reasons we want to spread the love and affirmation thick at times like this.  Let's show our children that cold hard work is not the end of the story, and that we are mighty proud of their accomplishments and of the young men and women they are growing up to be.  This is grace, this is the gospel, and our children need it desperately.