Sage Chapman, Head of School for the Day

Dear parents and friends,

This is Sage Chapman, and I'm Head of School for the day. I'm in 4th grade at ACA, and today [April 26, 2018] I get to learn about how to lead a school.

So far, I have led the teacher staff meeting and said hi to parents. I have helped with Chapel. Mr. Ahern and I talked about what a Head of School does. It's a lot! It's also about encouraging people and doing hard things. I got to meet ACA's landlord, and I sent riddles over the radio to students! I'm looking forward to more things this afternoon.

I get to tell you some news. We raised a lot of money at the Spring Gala! Here is how much.


That's after expenses have been paid. This money goes towards classrooms and tuition assistance, and it is more money than we raised at last year's gala.

If you have a question about more gala income categories, Mr. Ahern can answer that.

Good job raising money for my school! I am having fun at ACA and I like to learn here. Thank you for making me able to do that, and for reading my email today.

Sage Chapman
Head of School for the Day