Spring Break and Recess Metaphors


One of the main points of life is Recess.  God loves taking breaks, and he loves ordaining times of rest.  God created us to work, but he also made us to work toward something, and that is the establishment of a New Heavens and a New Earth -- Christ's kingdom on earth.  In other words, rest.  Even in that new kingdom there will be work, but rest will be at its center.

Recess metaphors are pervasive in scripture.  During the conquest of Canaan, Joshua and the Israelites rested in the 7th year from their battles (Josh. 11:23), God ordained rest for the land every 7th year (Lev. 25:4), we devote the first day of every week (originally the 7th day) for rest and worship, and during the creation week, God himself rested on the 7th day (Gen. 2:2).

As Spring Break 2015 comes to a close, may we fully enjoy our remaining time with our families, knowing that rest is a good and necessary gift from God.  And as we do, may we be strengthened for an energetic and productive close to the school year.  God continues to be good to us.

Grace and Peace, Nate Ahern