Taking ACA's Vision Forward

ACA is one of just a few small classical Christian schools in Denver, founded to be a competitive academic academy focused on teaching truth and modeling virtue, for God's glory and the good of all people. This mission has flourished in our first eight years. What is our outlook for the years ahead?

Growth. ACA's 2018-19 enrollment is 120 students, with approximately 40 students in our ACP programs and 80 students in K-12. Overall growth year-over-year is important to us, as the more students are enrolled, the more quality we can invest in our programs, the more aid we can extend to families in need, and the more students we can impact from diverse backgrounds. However, one of our most important growth goals is to retain our low 16:1 student-teacher ratio regardless of future size. That's a sweet spot for quality learning.

Location. ACA's long-term plan is to remain in Lakewood for our main campus. We've successfully put down roots here while still attracting families from diverse locations around the greater Denver area. In 2020, our Lakewood-Belmar lease is due for renewal, and we plan to remain on site for the next few years, during which time we'll explore other possible venues in the nearby area as we out-grow this building space. Additionally, our preschool branch in Edgewater is in a valuable position for families in the West Denver area, and we are in the process of renewing our lease there for the next few years. Overall, our long-term vision is owning a larger permanent location with widespread influence in the Lakewood community, and a continued long-term preschool presence in the West Denver area.

Content. ACA's curriculum is designed to be classical, Christian, and traditional. You can peruse preschool philosophy hereK-6 curriculum maps here and 7th-12th (upper school) detailed scope here. All core knowledge areas of standard public education are taught at ACA, but our teaching methodology, learning standards, and worldview are fundamentally different. This allows ACA to remain relevant in the 21st century in terms of practical training, preparation, and ability to grapple with current issues, but it sets ACA apart by emphasizing time-tested learning skills, independent thinking (particularly in later years), clear communication, and moral standards rooted in the objective truth of the gospel. Relative to their public school peers nationally, this creates better college readiness, marketability, and cultural engagement for God's glory.

Culture. Our aim is to create not just annual waves of successful students, but a culture of educational likemindedness. From successful organizations to influential religions to advanced civilizations, each is marked by a strong cultural center, a shared set of values and customs. Cultures always share both beliefs and practices. At ACA, our vision is to continue building this two-part recipe for educational strength: shared belief in the specifics of quality education, and shared practice in terms of how we live that out day-to-day, in and out of the classroom, as we develop relationships with students and families. In the years ahead, we aim to continue building both the quality of our programs and the ways we educate families about what we do. Our model for educational culture is the gospel: "You shall teach the gospel diligently to your children, and shall talk of it when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise." (Deut. 6:4-9)

Thank you for your faithful partnership with ACA. God has been good to us and blessed us, and I am fully confident that he will continue to do so -- for his glory, for the good of our students, and to spread his truth throughout the world.