The Verse about Good Grades


One of the great comforts of Scripture are the verses that aren't in Scripture.  For instance, I consider it a blessing that the Holy Ghost did not see fit to inspire the verse about getting good grades.

"Woe unto that child which getteth a C+, for it would be better that a millstone were tied around his neck . . . ."

Thankfully, we are called to excellence generally, and not to A-plusses in Social Studies specifically.  God has made us all with different minds and different interests, and the simple fact of a C-grade, or even of an F (gasp), does not necessarily mean anything is wrong.  (Often it does, as in the case of chronic Looking-Out-the-Window Syndrome -- a separate issue.)  Human minds are different.  House-rules are different.  Our standards of excellence and hard work should be rooted in biblical truth -- but those standards have quite a lot of valid,  reasonable, and varied out-workings.

Aim for the Ivies -- but remember that community college, or no college at all, is no crime.  Encourage fast-lane jobs -- but remember that trade-work, home-making, and community service are equally noble, often far more so.

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" (Ps. 24:1).  Join me in being mighty thankful that, despite God's high and beautiful standards for us, he has little interest in the content of our report cards.