ann rennie

early childhood assistant

Ann was raised in a small town near Cincinnati, Ohio. After high school, she attended the Naval Academy Prep School and then the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where she earned a B.S. in Oceanography. She served 21 years on active duty as a Human Resources Officer in the Navy. During her time in the Navy, she completed a M.S. in Management and Human Resources at University of Colorado at Denver. In 2010, she completed her Navy career in Denver. She spent several years as a stay-a-home mom and enjoyed volunteering at church, school, and in the community.

Ann and her husband, Chris, have been married 17 years. They have three daughters at ACA: Gillian (7th grade), Megan (5th grade), and Frances (2nd grade). Ann loves to read all kinds of books, and has a special appreciation for children’s literature. She enjoys camping, hiking, sewing, and doing crafty things with (or without) her kids. As a family, the Rennies enjoy skiing, camping, road trips, music, theater, and playing games.

Ann loves the curiosity and spontaneous creativity of preschool children. She is excited to begin her third year working with this delightful age group in an environment where Christ is honored.

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